Ibertrasa / Winterhalter

About Winterhalter

Specialists in industrial warewashing systems founded in 1947. Winterhalter products are known for being innovative, efficient and user-friendly and for the excellent results obtained at professional kitchens.


The company is specialized in washing machines for glass, dishes and utensils and it has a leading role in the production of specialized systems for professional kitchens.

Success is always a team effort”, is the philosophy and motto of the German Company coined by the founder Karl Winterhalter.


Winterhalter dishwashers earn their reputation from perfect cleaning results, maximum efficiency, hygiene concepts and simple operation. A reliable technology aimed at addressing the demands of professional kitchens.


Winterhaler’s aim is to provide its customers with safe, efficient machines, which save time and money. The last models use new water and detergent technologies to save energy, thus protecting the environment. In the new machines elaboration and construction our main priority is the economic efficiency, hygiene, quality and of course, easy service.

Ibertrasa with Winterhalter