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Industrial Kitchen Proyects

Our mission has always been to offer the highest quality in all the projects of industrial kitchens that we have been developing for more than 20 years. Our technical team, from the first contact with the client until the delivery of the project, has a precise development and analysis to satisfy the customer’s demand.
Within the projects of industrial kitchens that we realize we can find sectors like the restaurants, hotels or the colectivities for companies or work centers. Our experience in these areas and other sectors can be reviewed in our catalog of industrial kitchen projects that we offer in the information about our company.
Our methodology of 5 phases for the achievement of the project is based on the previous design in 3D that we made to give a perspective as realistic as possible of what the final result will be, from that moment our technicians from the different areas are put to perform the following phases. The insitu measurement by our professionals will be very important to have the exact detail during the manufacturing process, with it we coordinate all the elements and factors necessary for the delivery to be perfect.
Afterwards, the manufacturing takes place in our production center where we give personalized form to each of the elements that make up the industrial kitchen project commissioned by the client. We have state-of-the-art machinery and a fully trained human team to perform any technical challenge.
During the assembly phase we take care to unite all the pieces produced, as well as those elements of brands such as Charvet, Winterhalter, Vianen are a set to give the final shape to the kitchen. In this phase of the project we make all the necessary adjustments so that the finish is 100% of the customer’s taste.
The delivery with the turnkey project for the client is the last phase that will result with the achievement of the project by our team and with the final approval of the client.


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