Ibertrasa / Ventilation

We take responsibility for the installation and the maintenance of the exhaust machines for your professional kitchen, trusting the most competitive brands of the market for an optimal ventilation in the kitchen; well-known brands Blanco, Vianen, Halton, among other excellent options. Their function is to eliminate the fat suspended in ambient air, fumes, odours and vapours through a combination of filters and air evacuation in the quietest and simplest possible way.   .


Ibertrasa designs a complete system of ventilation, exhaust and impulsion, with luminaires and fire-protection systems, automatic cleaning and flawless aesthetics to provide maximum comfort, efficiency and energy saving.

We offer integral solutions for the ventilation of your industrial kitchen with the best ventilation ceilings, made of filters and plates. Our ventilation  solutions ensure an outstanding performance complying with the legislation in force in the European Community and committed to sustainability.