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About Rational

The German Company sees itself as a specialist in technologies for commercial cooking worldwide. RATIONAL’s primary corporate objective is to offer the maximum possible benefits to its customers. Its 40 years of success are the result of the constant pursuit of innovation in ovens manufacturing. Currently Rational has a market share of 54% due to its continuous growth.

The professional ovens of Rational provide an exceptional level of quality and productivity to the foodservice industry, providing this sector with a highly profitable and efficient tool allowing to bring to the table all the creativity and quality that any Chef wishes for customers.


It is one of the unquestionable leaders in the oven market for industrial kitchens and is present in many kitchens worldwide.


The ovens of the German Company allow to prepare big quantities of a wide variety of dishes with the highest quality. Its devices rely on a technology capable of executing the cooking process in optimal conditions in a completely automatic way. Besides, it has a scheduled maintenance for the installation maintenance.

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