Ibertrasa / Convotherm

Perfection and creativity

The equipment of Convotherm ovens inspires better food preparation. Their philosophy “Your meal. Our mission” born out of their passion and commitment to provide the best solutions for ovens.


Convotherm ovens brings style into the professional commercial kitchen. They combine world-class technology with user-friendly, ergonomic and hygienic design and all models share the same logical and intuitive system of operation: a real advantage in the everyday life within the kitchen, which is often hectic.


Their products are developed for maximum flexibility with minimum consumption. A strictly fully-automatic cleaning means you avoid any contact with chemicals. With a new range of operating functions and a single-measure dispensing option, these cleaning systems can satisfy absolutely every user profile.


The result is a combination of functional versatility and consistent design that is revolutionary in this product category. They define themselves as passionate for perfection and creativity which are reflected in the quality of all their ovens and in the success of their customers.

Ibertrasa with Convotherm