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About Vianen

Vianen B.V. specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of kitchen ventilation systems. The search for answers to the customer needs and the continuous development of new products has allowed a progressive increase of sales and the company’s expansion and consolidation in the international market.


In addition, Vianen B.V. is capable of offering a wide range of products with a customized ventilation and extraction system to address the problems of professional kitchens. Resistance, aesthetical appearance, duration and easy cleaning are some of the qualities which best define the extraction products of Vianen B.V.


The system Vianen B.V. eliminates the need for manual cleaning with the automatic cleaning system, which operates based on several shifts, so there is no maintenance downtime.


In addition, Vianen B.V. reduces operating costs, which is beneficial not only for the financial results, but also for the environment.

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