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Quality and experience are the terms which best define Charvet kitchens, catering professionals since 1934. Their prestige is based on four pillars: robustness, performance, ergonomics and hygiene. .


The success of the French Company is due to the constant pursuit of perfection both regarding individual appliances and the set of appliances of the cooking blocks, which are designed according to the needs of each customer and to the harmony of the kitchen in which to be integrated.  Charvet kitchens has been more than 100 years working on exclusive kitchen systems to become the best synonym of quality, and that is because Charvet kitchens offer a diversity of solutions.


Charvet designs high-quality equipment with the finest materials and the state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The respect for the culinary traditions and the strict selection of control systems guarantee the long-lasting performance of all Charvet products.


Its professionalism allows to offer an exceptional product with a broad range of options. The brand is aware of the importance of design and originality, its kitchens introduce stainless Steel that can be painted according to the customer’s preferences and to the restaurant aesthetic.


Charvet existence itself depends on satisfying the customers’ needs and on the capacity of its staff for innovation.

Ibertrasa with Charvet